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THE NUDE LABEL comes to life as an underwear brand with a conceptual approach to a woman’s intimate uniform. Simple cuts and silhouettes emphasize functionality over superfluous embellishment. The brand utilize soft and fresh materials with a second skin feeling for comfort and employ nude shades and a balanced palette. THE NUDE LABEL embraces the idea of individualism as the expression of inner beauty. The simplicity of these undergarments appeal to women who wish to express a confident and feminine personality. Her peculiarities and distinctive traits reinforce her authenticity.

Seeking adaptability and comfort, THE NUDE LABEL uses light materials that are easy on the skin. Most of their pieces are made from super soft cotton. A cotton / elastane mix provides the garment with the elasticity needed for a better fit, and a soft and delicate touch for that comfortable, easy-wearing feeling for every day use. Mixed delicately with a soft sheer mesh in selected pieces, it provides femininity and a delicate touch.

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