My Shop Pyramid Style with Dr. Maria Daves-Hales

My Shop Pyramid Style: Dr Daves Hales

Dr Maria Daves-Hales works as an integrative psychologist providing psychological therapy and counselling to individuals with a range of difficulties. Dr Daves-Hales has specialised in providing diagnosis and therapy for adults and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC), including Asperger Syndrome, for over ten years, and has interests in travelling, reading philosophy and music.

Maria stopped by the Shop Pyramid studio to showcase her personal and professional #myshoppyramidstyle

Maria, describe your personal style in three words.

Classic, sexy and feminine.

Does your work role affect the way in which you get dressed in the morning?

Oh, absolutely. I need to be professional at work. Choosing and wearing clothes that demonstrate my professional identity while maintaining a classic and feminine style is important.

Why did you choose Psychology as your career choice?

I've always been interested in the 'meaning' and 'understanding' of others and how we live - I feel this motivated me to study Psychology. I’ve also studied Philosophy and believe you cannot practice one without the other. I've always been a 'deep thinker' and searched for the alternatives in human behaviour - these attributes have kept me intrigued and driven me towards a career in Psychology.

Who are your style icons?

Grace Kelly, Faye Dunaway, and more recently, Sienna Miller.

What do you wear when you want to be taken seriously?

On these occasions I would lean towards a tailored shirt and slim fitted trousers - along with a nice pair of heels as heels can help you to feel confident.

What is your trademark accessory?

This has to be a little black clutch bag. I think that a classic clutch always looks great with casual or formal style.

What are your go-to wardrobe pieces?

A pair of snake print heels, a black blazer, a cream camisole and perfect fit jeans. This is my go-to look to feel good about myself whatever the occasion. 

What are the most important pieces in your closet?

 I love wearing skinny denim jeans and a well-crafted silk shirt, along with a pair of killer keels!

How do you pack for a warm weather trip?

I don’t travel light but I do try to keep things simple - I take a huge suitcase with lots of bikinis & kaftans, sun cream, wide-brimmed hat, shorts and a few silk tops to wear in the evenings. I usually take ages to pack as I insist on ironing absolutely everything & using tissue paper (I am an obsessive packer after years of travelling, and I hate to forget things).

Tell us about your biggest fashion disaster…

I will admit to owning a ‘Shell suit’ when I was 16yrs - what on earth was I thinking! I think it came about as I was a huge fan of Vanilla ice... but admittedly, it wasn’t a good look at all…


Maria wears:

Marina London Lissi shirt; Nobody Denim cult skinny jeans in black; GVYN leather bag.

Studio Nicholson Yoyogi dress; GVYN leather bag(Heels, Maria's own).

Studio Nicholson Toshima gingham top and Kiku culottes.

Marina London Emma dress; GVYN clutch. (Heels, Maria's own)

Choosing and wearing clothes that demonstrate my professional identity while maintaining a classic and feminine style is important.

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