3 Questions: With Ana Alemany and Clara Ropero of The Nude Label

Ana Alemany and Clara Ropero are the designer duo behind The Nude Label, a breathtakingly simple and stunningly feminine collection of intimates.  Featuring simple cuts and silhouettes that emphasize functionality over superfluous embellishment, what better as an introduction to Shop Pyramid's lingerie aesthetic than a brand who offers comfort as a second skin.

1. Can you sum up The Nude Label in a single sentence?

The Nude Label is a basic line with a conceptual approach to a woman’s intimate uniform.


2. What are your key design inspirations?

We are strongly influenced by the 90’s aesthetic and are attracted by art, photography and many other visual disciplines. When creating our pieces we work on developing a clear and coherent concept with an intention to showcase the beauty of simplicity. 

3. Do you design with a type of woman in mind?

We design for the modern woman and today’s busy modern lifestyles.   Our designs are really simple and neutral. They don’t pretend to influence the way a woman feels but can only reinforce her confidence and authenticity.

To view the entire collection from The Nude Label click here.

breathtakingly simple and stunningly feminine

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