Designer Focus: Studio Nicholson

A chic adaptation of the classic masculine silhouette, Studio Nicholson redefines and simplifies the wardrobe of the modern woman.

Launched in 2010 by Nick Wakeman, Studio Nicholson produces seasonal essentials - perfectly cut and finished pants, shirts and jackets. A former menswear designer, Wakeman is inspired by a love of textiles and the assured, classic style of modern sartorial man.

The challenge is to adapt the masculine silhouette to flatter a woman. Studio Nicholson achieves this by considering softness, lightness, fineness, and texture; instilling a subtle simplicity that results in a confident and uncomplicated approach to dressing.

Wakeman has always stated that her philosophy is to make it easier for women to get dressed in the morning. Within menswear, a typical formula for getting dressed tends to focus on a simple colour palette of grey, blue, black and white and a series of clean and pure wardrobe staples. At Studio Nicholson, Wakeman’s design ethos brings us a boyish, minimal approach to silhouette combined with exquisite craftsmanship and a British playfulness to boot.

With the belief that it makes women feel powerful to adopt a masculine sense of dressing, Studio Nicholson delivers an effortlessly stylish and inspired uniform for women who require a practical yet sophisticated wardrobe. 

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