Get Ready in a Hurry: Tips for Success

Did you know that on average, women spend 27 minutes* getting ready in the morning.  That's the equivalent of ten working days a year, just to get out of the house.  And that's your 'average' female - some women admit to taking over an hour to ready themselves for their day.
With this in mind, what happens when your plans change?  When the alarm clock failed to go off so you overslept...  Or, when you kept pressing that snooze button as last night's plans changed and you ended up meeting that friend for a drink... Or the babysitter was running late so there were two (or more!) of you to get ready in the morning...
When you needed to leave ten minutes ago, how do you prepare yourself (and actually make yourself look good) with so little time? Let us make your life a little easier in the mornings.  Here are our top tips for getting ready in a hurry:
Get Organized
With a bit of forward planning you can reduce the stress of getting out the door in the morning. With a couple of 'emergency' outfits ready at all times, you'll save on both time and energy.  These outfits need to be trans-seasonal so you can wear them at all times: think all-black with your latest favourite accessory, such as our Camilla Elphick Sante Fe boots or Gvyn clutch bag, or keep it simple with failsafe monochrome: we love this lightweight, crepe Chat top from Humanoid worn with their high-rise Bamboo trouser and Dear Frances Poser mules - simply step in and go.
Lay out your clothes the night before.  Like with our school uniform years before, we know this is a tried and tested way of shaving vital minutes off your morning routine.
Dress and Go
A jumpsuit is an item of clothing that every woman should own.  Often styles that can be dressed up or dress down, a jumpsuit is an easy, slip on item - we love our Marina London sophisticated silk jumpsuits in white and navy.
The Skinny
A pair of black skinny jeans is another wardrobe staple that makes your legs looks great and that can be worn anywhere.  Pair with a blouse, fitted tee and blazer / jacket. Try our Nobody Denim Cult Skinny in Power Black - a Fashion Blogger's favourite and for good reason - the style contours perfectly to your body for a pure, sculpted silhouette.
Amazing Grace
Look, we're not going to lie, we're as busy as you. So we want you to know we're doing this too - trying to remember to breathe and stay calm and arrive at work or the chosen destination with grace and cool. If you're late, the world isn't going to end. An apology goes a long way and you'll slip into your daily routine in no time at all.  If you keep your cool, the day will improve, even if it started as that highly fraught and frazzled morning.  
We hope you find these tips useful!
*Survey by Future Foundation

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