Let's Get Physical

Exercise in any form can act as a fantastic stress reliever.  The physical benefits of fitness have long been proven, but there is more and more research emerging about the importance of exercise for maintaining mental wellbeing - particularly when it comes to reducing stress.
By pumping up your endorphins (the body's own natural chemical that produces a positive feeling) and improving your mood, what better time then now to get physical.  And at Shop Pyramid we have the work out collection to help you stay fashionable as well as fit and flexible, whatever your fitness choice.  Take a look at new styles from our Spring Summer collection from Michi New York:
According to a recent survey of 4000 swimmers by Speedo, 74% agreed that the activity releases stress and tension, 68% said that being in the water helps them to feel good about themselves and 70% felt mentally refreshed after a dip in the pool.  Wear our Michi Medusa Swimsuit, 216 GBP and get swimming!
The 'runner's high' is well documented, and it's also thought that running increases bone mass and even helps stem age-related bone loss (Runner's World).  Hit the road in our Michi Anti-Gravity Bra, 60 GBP and Chicane Legging, 138 GBP.
Yoga boosts strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance as well as providing stress-relief ~ the relaxed attitude of yoga practice encourages you to let go of your expectations and forget about your to-do list.  These things are just as important for the prevention of heart disease as the fitness benefits of cardiovascular exercise (Women's Health).  Get flexible in our Michi Regine Bra, 105 GBP.

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